Lilly Steiner made her studies at Ludwig Michaleks’ Art School for Girls and Women in Vienna. After her education she married the industrialist Hugo Steiner, who was a fellow of Karl Kraus and since 1903 a friend and also sponsor of Adolf Loos. After 1917 she emerged as an artist, was a corresponding respectively extraordinary member of the artists’ association Hagenbund and a member of the Viennese Etching Club for Women. In 1927 Lilly Steiner and her husband moved to Paris, where Hugo Steiner leaded a shop of Knize, the famous Viennese men’s tailor. She dedicated many of her works to the subject motherhood and did a lot of portraits of women and children. After 1937 she responded in her works also to the political circumstances of the Nazi Regime. She did different illustrations, especially to be mentioned are the studies of artists and conductors like Alban Berg, Arturo Toscanini or Aristide Maillol. Well known from her graphic cycles are the lithographs of Arnold Schönbergs “Gurreliedern” and works about motherhood.