Theodor Alescha is a true witness to the 20th century. Born in Vienna and at home in the world, his exploratory spirit and the political situation in Austria lead him him to travel to far-flung shores. On his travels he visited Italy, Yugoslavia, Russia, Switzerland, France, Portugal and America, where he disembarked in 1941. After studying at the Viennese Academy, Theodor Alescha essentially went on to teach himself. From 1918 onward, he went on numerous voyages around Europe. It was mainly due to his landscapes ahown at exhibitions of the Hagenbund that collegues and collector became aware of him. In 1934 he went into exile in Switzerland, whence  he went on to France, Spain, Portugal and eventually the USA in 1941. In 1947 Alescha returned to Vienna, having been invited to do so by culture councillor (Kulturstadtrat) Viktor Matejka. Consequently he was granted a studio by the city council and he received public funding in that the state bought some of his artwork. In 1984 a retrospective was held in his honour at the Austrian Gallery (Österreichische Galerie), and in 1988 the Museum of the History of the City of Vienna (Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien/Wien Museum) organized a special show. Widder Fine Art administer the artist's estate. Find the artist's homepage at: